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If you have questions about getting started with your card machine, complying with industry standards or accessing online reports, our ‘how to’ guides can help.

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Getting started

Getting started - 1

Card machine box contents.

Getting started - 2

Connecting up.

Getting started - 3

Entering your paper roll.

Getting started - 4

Entering your merchant account number.

Download our guide to help set up your countertop machine

Download our guide on getting ready to trade

PCI DSS compliance

How to access the Lloyds Bank Cardnet PCI DSS online portal

How to log in to your PCI DSS portal

How to set up your PCI DSS merchant profile

How to personalise your PCI DSS portal User ID

Download our guide to accessing and using the PCI DSS online portal

Contactless payments

Contactless - 1

Benefits of contactless

Contactless - 2

Contactless card payments

Contactless - 3

Contactless mobile phone payments

Contactless - 4

Contactless mobile phone payments

ClientLine reporting

Business Track

RAM foreign currency reporting

How to log in to RAM

RAM merchant profile overview

How to access your statement

How to reconcile your sales activity

Understanding your accounts

Your interchange summary

How to review your chargebacks

Download our guide to accessing and using RAM foreign currency reporting

Lloyds Bank Online Payments (LBOP)

Click here to access our Lloyds Bank Online Payments (LBOP) Virtual Terminal Guide.