Lloyds Bank Online Payments

Lloyds Bank Online Payments is a payment gateway ideal for small businesses wanting to accept card payments on their website. It includes a:

  • Hosted Payment Page for online payments
  • Virtual Terminal for mail & telephone orders
  • Strong Fraud Prevention tool to help protect you and your customers
  • Detailed online Management Information portal

Benefits of Lloyds Bank Online Payments:

  • Simple setup with dedicated technical support.
  • We host the payment pages and take responsibility for storing your customers’ payment details securely, ensuring PCI DSS compliance.
  • Mobile Commerce enabled - ideal for businesses wanting to sell via a mobile optimised website.
  • Market updates to keep you up to speed on market trends and help you spot new kinds of fraud.
  • We also act as your acquiring bank, reducing administration time.
  • A clear and simple pricing structure.

Here’s how it works

View how it works as a PDF (691KB)

If you’re interested in setting up online payments, fill out our online enquiry form and a Cardnet representative will get in touch.

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  • eCommerce support for web developers and retailers

    Lloyds Bank Online Payment solution comes with comprehensive eCommerce support. As part of our service, we work closely with developers and business owners to help you integrate smart, scalable online shopping solutions to websites.

    Benefits of trading with us as a developer

    • The backing of an established brand that your clients trust
    • Ongoing technical support from our dedicated team
    • Test environment to check integration before going live
    • Technical information available online for easy reference

    Integration guides for developers

    Connect Integration Guide

    Step-by-step instructions on how to integrate using ‘Connect’ – our fully hosted solution.

    Download now (PDF, 426KB)

    Virtual Terminal & Online Portal Guide

    Find out how to:

    • Process transactions with the ‘Virtual Terminal’
    • Use the integrated ‘Reports’ function
    • Set configuration options
    • Manage admin users

    Download now (PDF, 523KB)

    Web Service API Integration Guide

    Instructions to fully control the payment pages by integrating the Web Service Application Programming Interface (API).

    Download now (PDF, 926KB)

    EMV 3DS Guide for use with Web Service API

    Read our guide on using EMV 3D Secure (including SOAP API authentication).

    Download now (PDF, 253KB)

    Getting started with Lloyds Bank Online Payments

    Step 1: Get in touch to apply

    Call our Developer Support Team at 01268 567 135 or fill in our enquiry form for more information about Lloyds Cardnet Online Payment.

    Accessing the Test Environment

    If you’d like to access our Test Environment before applying, simply complete our test form below and the details will be sent to you.

    * Required Fields

    Thank you for enquiring about our Test Environment for Lloyds Bank Online Payments.

    Step 2: Integrate with your online store

    Use the above integration guides to connect our payment gateway to your chosen shopping cart software.

    Step 3: Test the integration

    Check the integration of all features in our test environment before going live. Lloyds Bank Cardnet technical support team will be on hand to for troubleshooting and technical queries.

    Step 4: Launch

    Once you’ve tested and everything is working smoothly, launch the website to start processing real transactions.

    Call our Developer Support Team at 01268 567 135 or fill in our enquiry form for more information about Lloyds Bank Online Payments.

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Case studies

From global events to local businesses, Lloyds Bank Cardnet clients have benefited from our flexible service and modern technology.

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Learn the Key Terms

Acquiring Bank / Acquirer — A financial institution that processes card payments on a merchant’s behalf, such as Lloyds Bank Cardnet.

Payment gateway — A secure server that processes online card payments, encrypting sensitive information in order to safely transmit payment information between the customer’s Issuing bank, the Card Scheme and the Acquiring Bank.

PCI DSS — The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards are a set of mandatory security requirements designed to ensure that merchants process, transmit and store cardholder data securely.

Learn more key terms in our glossary

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Who looks after your personal information

Your personal information will be held by Cardnet which trades as Cardnet, part of the Lloyds Banking Group. More information on the Group can be found at www.lloydsbankinggroup.com

How we use your personal information

We will use your personal information:
to provide products and services, manage your relationship with us and comply with any laws or regulations we are subject to (for example the laws that prevent financial crime or the regulatory requirements governing the products we offer).
for other purposes including improving our services, exercising our rights in relation to agreements and contracts and identifying products and services that may be of interest.
To support us with the above we analyse information we know about you and how you use our products and services, including some automated decision making. You can find out more about how we do this, and in what circumstances you can ask us to stop, in our full privacy notice.

Who we share your personal information with

Your personal information will be shared within Lloyds Banking Group and other companies that provide services to you or us, so that we and any other companies in our Group can look after your relationship with us. By sharing this information it enables us to better understand our customers’ needs, run accounts and policies, and provide products and services efficiently. This processing may include activities which take place outside of the European Economic Area. If this is the case we will ensure appropriate safeguards are in place to protect your personal information. You can find out more about how we share your personal information with credit reference agencies below and can access more information about how else we share your information in our full privacy notice.

Where we collect your personal information from

We will collect personal information about you from a number of sources including: information given to us on application forms, when you talk to us in branch, over the phone or through the device you use and when new services are requested. from analysis of how you operate our products and services, including the frequency, nature, location, origin and recipients of any payments. from or through other organisations (for example card associations, credit reference agencies, insurance companies, retailers, comparison websites, social media and fraud prevention agencies). in certain circumstances we may also use information about health or criminal convictions but we will only do this where allowed by law or if you give us your consent.

You can find out more about where we collect personal information about you from in our full privacy notice.

Do you have to give us your personal information

We may be required by law, or as a consequence of any contractual relationship we have, to collect certain personal information. Failure to provide this information may prevent or delay us fulfilling these obligations or performing services.

What rights you have over your personal information

The law gives you a number of rights in relation to your personal information including:
the right to access the personal information we have about you. This includes information from application forms, statements, correspondence and call recordings.
the right to get us to correct personal information that is wrong or incomplete.
in certain circumstances, the right to ask us to stop using or delete your personal information.
from 25 May 2018 you will have the right to receive any personal information we have collected from you in an easily re-usable format when it’s processed on certain grounds, such as consent or for contractual reasons. You can also ask us to pass this information on to another organisation.
You can find out more about these rights and how you can exercise them in our full privacy notice.

Other individuals you have financial links with

We may also collect personal information about other individuals who you have a financial link with. This may include people who you have joint accounts or policies with such as your partner/spouse, dependents, beneficiaries or people you have commercial links to, for example other directors or officers of your company. We will collect this information to assess any applications, provide the services requested and to carry out credit reference and fraud prevention checks. You can find out more about how we process personal information about individuals with whom you have a financial link in our full privacy notice.

How we use credit reference agencies

In order to process your application we may supply your personal information to credit reference agencies (CRAs) including how you use our products and services and they will give us information about you, such as about your financial history. We do this to assess creditworthiness and product suitability, check your identity, manage your account, trace and recover debts and prevent criminal activity. We may also continue to exchange information about you with CRAs on an ongoing basis, including about your settled accounts and any debts not fully repaid on time, information on funds going into the account, the balance on the account and, if you borrow, details of your repayments or whether you repay in full and on time. CRAs will share your information with other organisations, for example other organisations you ask to provide you with products and services. Your data will also be linked to the data of any joint applicants or other financial associates as explained above. You can find out more about the identities of the CRAs, and the ways in which they use and share personal information, in our full privacy notice.

How we use fraud prevention agencies

The personal information we have collected from you and anyone you have a financial link with may be shared with fraud prevention agencies who will use it to prevent fraud and money laundering and to verify your identity. If fraud is detected, you could be refused certain services, finance or employment. Further details of how your information will be used by us and these fraud prevention agencies, and your data protection rights, can be found in our full privacy notice.

Our full privacy notice

It is important that you understand how the personal information you give us will be used. Therefore, we strongly advise that you read our full privacy notice, which you can find at https://lloydsbankcardnet.com/privacy/ or you can ask us for a copy.

How you can contact us

If you have any questions or require more information about how we use your personal information please contact us using https://lloydsbankcardnet.com/. You can also call us on 01268 567100. If you feel we have not answered your question Lloyds Banking Group has a Group Data Privacy Officer, who you can contact on 01268 567100 and tell us you want to speak to our Data Privacy Officer.

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