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Help your business thrive with the new mobile app

There's no longer any need for your customers to wait at the till. Now they can pay with an app and avoid a queue – saving time, and boosting your sales.

How mobile app solutions can benefit your business

Boost your sales

Create loyal customers by giving them a new way to pay that lets them avoid any queues. Your mobile app in your branding will be quick and easy to use.

Easy to implement

You’ll be supported in setting up the app, understanding how it can work for you and your customers.

Customer friendly

Get to know your customers better with detailed order histories and easily integrated loyalty schemes. And, as a reward for their commitment, you can send special offers straight to your customers' phones.

Solutions that suit your business

Mobile solutions cater to a broad range of businesses.

  • In-office catering
  • High street cafés
  • Arenas and stadiums
  • Restaurants and pubs
  • Ticket sales

How does it work?

It’s straightforward. Your customers simply download your branded app and register their card details.


  1. They select what they want to buy
  2. They confirm the order and pay using a card saved on the app
  3. You are then notified, and staff prepare the order
  4. The app tells your customer when their order is ready to be collected

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