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Contactless payments are the fast, easy and secure way to process transactions of under £30. Customers simply tap their card or their smart device on the machine to pay.

Benefits of contactless payments

All of the card machines in our current range accept contactless payments. Here’s why:

  • Payments are completed in less than a second, letting you serve customers faster, cut queues and reduce lost sales.
  • PIN requests are reduced, making payment simple for staff and quicker for customers.
  • Contactless payments help reduce your cash dependency.
  • Contactless payments are suited to a wide range of businesses.

How do contactless payments work?

The contactless payment process

  1. The customer's card or smart device and your machine need to both support contactless payments.
  2. You enter the transaction amount (under £30), which activates the contactless card reader, displays the amount and prompts the customer to tap their card or smart device.
  3. For cards: The customer holds their card over the card machine.
    For smart devices: The customer wakes or unlocks their device (e.g. a smartphone, smartwatch or tablet) and places it near the card machine.
  4. Some card machines may show a series of lights or beep to confirm a successful transaction. Most transactions take under one second.
  5. Given the small transaction limit, payment is processed without a receipt. However, a receipt can easily be produced if a customer asks.

Card payments.


Are contactless payments safe?

Contactless technology is designed to be safe and secure for both you and your customers.

  • A machine can only take contactless card payments when the card is very close to it (approx. 5cm), so your customers can't be charged by accident.
  • Smart device contactless payments use a virtual account number to represent the account information — so card details stay safe.
  • The contactless payment service only activates after you enter the amount and is deactivated as soon as payment is received.
  • Customers may occasionally be asked for their PIN during a contactless card transaction for extra security.
  • Just like with Chip & PIN payments, you and your customers are covered for any fraud.

Upgrade your machines

If you’re using out-dated machines that don’t accept contactless payments, see how we could help upgrade your machines.

Find out more about upgrading your machines