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Discover Clover™, it’s more than just a payment system

Clover is our innovative point of sale (POS) system that adds real value to your business. Each device is powered by cloud-based software and app-led functionality. These allow you to accept payments, track sales, monitor staff performance and build the insights you need to work smarter and grow for the future. Find the device to match your business.

Clover Flex

Clover Mini

Clover Station

How Clover is helping UK businesses

Arun Veterinary Group

Supporting a traditional business to grow into a modern practice

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Why choose Clover?

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Save time

An all-in-one business management solution including payments, comprehensive reports and remote dashboard access.

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Ready to use POS solution accepts most card types, Apple Pay™, Android Pay™ and offers flexible bill and receipt options.

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Get insight

Add apps to analyse, develop and grow your business, whilst improving staff performance.

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Happy customers

Build customer loyalty and engagement through reward apps, loyalty schemes and social media.

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Reliable and secure

Multi-layer security, cloud-based storage and dedicated technical support.

Choosing a Clover solution that works for your business

Clover comes in a choice of three device options: Clover Flex, Clover Station and Clover Mini.

All our devices include the following key features:

  • App market and web dashboard access
  • Chip & PIN and mag-stripe card processing
  • Contactless acceptance including Apple Pay
  • Anti-microbial, toughened glass touch screen
  • Merchant and customer-facing devices (Clover Station includes a tethered Clover Mini device as a customer facing PIN pad)

Each Clover device is powered by cloud-based software, designed to suit your business needs. We have two software options available, both offering the standard card terminal capabilities and additional features.

Our Payment Plus plan, available on Clover Mini and Clover Flex, covers the essentials, and more. It allows you to easily manage important aspects of your business, like staff sales performance and customer refunds.

Our most comprehensive solution is the Register plan, which comes as standard with Clover Station. This offers all the benefits of the Payment Plus plan, whilst providing extra flexibility, such as creating discounts in real-time, and managing orders and inventory in-store or remotely online.

You can customise your Clover device to suit your business needs, helping you to unlock your business potential. Whether you need a specific reporting tool, or an app that clocks staff in and out; Clover allows you to do more than just process payments.

Clover Flex
Clover Flex

Clover Flex

A fully mobile card machine or an ePOS in your pocket, CloverTM is designed to go wherever you do. It connects to Cardnet’s systems by WiFi or 3G so you can take payments on the move.

Hardware features

  • Long battery life with 8 hours usage on a single charge
  • 5 inch high-resolution colour touchscreen display with PIN on glass
  • Built in thermal receipt printer

Software benefits

Clover Flex comes equipped with our Payments Plus software plan, which provides essential features and more. For those who want a little extra flexibility, there is an option to upgrade to the Register plan.

  • Easy to use software based on the Android operating system
  • Accept all popular payment types, including cash, in-store and on the go
  • Protect your business and your customers with one of the strongest payment security systems available
  • Enhance your customer relationships with electronic receipts and loyalty programmes
  • Track your staff's sales performance
  • Manage your business from anywhere via the web dashboard
  • Add more functionality from the Clover App Market
  • Software updates are sent automatically to your Clover device, ensuring you have the latest functionality and strongest security features.

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Clover Station
Clover Station

Clover Station

Our compact business management solution provides a full till system, suitable for all business sectors. It comes with our handy, customer-facing Clover Mini, with the option to add Clover Flex for extra flexibility.

Hardware features

  • Integrated barcode and QR code scanner
  • Connected high-speed thermal receipt printer and cash drawer
  • Clover Mini included, to act as a customer facing screen and PIN pad

Software benefits

Register plan is the most comprehensive software, which comes as standard with Clover Station, and is available as an upgrade with Clover Mini and Clover Flex. The software includes all the benefits of our Payments Plus plan, and the ability to:

  • Manage your orders and inventory, in-store and remotely online
  • Create discounts in real-time as and when you want them
  • Provide unique solutions for the food and drink industry, including kitchen printing and table management
  • Enhance your customer relationships with electronic receipts, loyalty programmes, and apps to manage your social media presence
  • Improve your business insight with detailed reports on sales, employees and customer behaviour
  • Download a wider range of apps available through the Clover App Market

Software updates are sent automatically to your Clover device, ensuring you have the latest functionality and strongest security features.

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Clover Mini

Choose apps to unlock your full potential

Clover enables you to customise your device to suit your business needs. Use apps to grow your system’s capabilities and ensure it evolves with your business. Discover a wide range of apps in the App Market, and look out for new apps continually being added, to provide additional features and services.

Popular free apps

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Gather customer feedback, improve online reputation ratings on platforms like Yelp and build a positive employee culture with recognition and reminders of their impact on customer experience.

Salon Scheduler


Hopr for Clover lets you manage all your social media activity from your Clover terminal, respond to customers and interact with nearby businesses.

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Nutshell is a third party app that gives you a simple yet powerful way to manage your business internally or on the road. The team at Nutshell work closely with business owners to identify key performance metrics which enable you to maximise profit.

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Tables offers efficient full service restaurant management – manage tables, servers and orders grouped by guest. Make the most out of this app by combining it with the Printers app for multiple order printer management.

Please note not all apps are available on all Clover products, please ‘Explore the app market’ via the button below to check out what is available.

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Some apps are subject to additional charges. The App Market is provided by Clover Network Inc, not Lloyds Bank Cardnet. Visit to view the terms of use and information on pricing.

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