Simplifying the acceptance of digital payments. Process card payments through our eCommerce payment gateway solutions.

Increase your reach

Eliminate time and location constraints. It's now more important than ever for your customers to be able to buy online.

Simple integration

We’ll help you set up your new payments solution. Receive dedicated technical support throughout your onboarding.

Keep track of sales

View details of transactions in real time allowing you to stay in control.

Accept payments on your website or mobile application

  • Your customers can pay via card or wallets such as PayPal
  • Send your customers payment links or take payment via QR Code
  • You or Lloyds Bank Cardnet can host the payment page
  • Dedicated support teams for you and your developers
  • Real time transaction reporting 24/7
  • We act as your acquiring bank as well as your payment gateway – an integrated solution from one provider

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Not got a website yet?

If you’ve not got a website for your business our solution enables you to build a site quickly and easily

  • Fully customise your website with our trusted partner
  • Build a website that can grow with your business
  • Take payments on your new website easily
  • Sell through social media
  • Order management tool included

Build your website

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Pay by URL

  • Send a secure payment URL via email invoice, WhatsApp, SMS, QR Code
  • Included as part of Lloyds Bank Online Payments
  • Full reporting so you can keep track of payments
  • Reduce cost – no need to set up a website to accept payments

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Still not sure what the right solution for you is?

If it’s all a little bit confusing, don’t worry we have payment specialist on hand to help. Leave your details and we will call you back at a time convenient for you.

One solution for all payment channels

The larger a business gets, the more complex its payment needs. That’s why we provide a personalised service for clients with multiple sales channels including eCommerce and retail locations and unique trading requirements. We can support you to build a unified payments channel.


Technical support for web developers and customers. As part of our service we work closely with developers and business owners to help you integrate smart, scalable online and retail shopping  experiences. Some of our developer information can be found here but for a more tailored solution please contact us.

Technical support
  • What do I need to accept payments online?

    To take online payments you need a mechanism for getting the money from your customer to your bank account. You will need a page on your website to allow your customer to make a payment for the items or services being offered. You, the merchant, need to partner with a bank that will accept these payments and deposit them into your merchant bank account. View our detailed guide on accepting payments online.

    Learn the key terms

    Acquiring bank / Acquirer

    A financial institution that processes card payments on a merchant’s behalf, such as Lloyds Bank Cardnet.

    Issuer/ Issuing bank

    The bank (or financial institution) that issued a customer with their card and maintains a contract with them for repayment of card transactions.

    Merchant services

    A generic term for services that enable businesses to accept payments securely in accordance with industry standards and Card Scheme rules.

    Payment gateway

    A secure server that processes online card payments, encrypting sensitive information in order to safely transmit payment information between the customer’s Issuing bank, the Card Scheme and the Acquiring Bank.


    The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards are a set of mandatory security requirements designed to ensure that merchants process, transmit and store cardholder data securely.

    Payment Service Provider (PSP)

    This is a company that allows you to trade when the customer is not present in your business’s face-to-face environment – however many also now offer Payment Gateway solutions for ecommerce.

    EMV 3DSecure

    A technical standard created by Visa and Mastercard to further secure Card Not present transactions over the internet. It adds an extra customer verification layer to further reduce fraudulent transactions.