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Visa merchant agents website

Visa Europe recently launched - a new website for your merchant agents* to register their service with Visa, and demonstrate to you that they take your customers' cardholder data seriously.

We are working with Visa Europe to tell you about this change and to encourage you to tell your merchant agents to begin registration immediately so you can protect your ability to accept Visa payments.

Why should I inform my merchant agents of this website?

Using suppliers* to handle your customers' cardholder data contains an element of risk. Suppliers that cannot demonstrate they can protect this information could be leaving it at higher risk of attack from fraud, leaving your reputation at stake.

To help you control these risks, Visa Europe is developing a comprehensive, fully searchable online list of registered merchant agents at

To be on the list, merchant agents will need to state and provide evidence that they meet a minimum set of security standards and follow acceptable business practises surrounding their handling of cardholder data.

From 1 January 2013, if you use agents not listed on this website it may impact your ability to accept Visa payments.

Who should be registered on

Any suppliers you use that touch cardholder data by storing, transmitting and/or processing cardholder data should be registered[1].

What you need to do next

  • Contact all your agents to make them aware that they need to begin registering with
  • Check that your supplier is Visa Europe registered by visiting

Once merchant agents have successfully registered, you can search the public listing at

The new website will:

  • Provide you with a comprehensive, searchable listing of all merchant agents that state they meet the necessary security standards
  • Encourage agents that have not stated they satisfy Visa Europe's requirements, to invest in doing more to secure your valuable assets - your reputation and your customers' trust
  • Help you identify businesses to suit your card processing needs

More information for merchant agents including details of how to register, frequently asked questions and a quick reference guide can be found at

* We refer to these businesses as merchant agents. Merchant agents are businesses that store, process or transmit cardholder information.

1-The following is a list of some examples: e-commerce merchant payment processing, face-to-face merchant payment processing, online merchant payment solutions, online travel/hotel booking agency services, merchant network operator services, merchant aggregator/consolidators, full e-commerce solutions, corporate franchise servicing, fraud screening services, unmanaged and managed hosting services, shopping cart solution provider; or other card payment related services

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