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Changes to Contactless Floor Limits

What is Changing?

To enhance fraud protection for cardholders, Visa requires merchants to operate with a zero floor limit for contactless transactions no later than 14th October 2017. As all contactless payments are now authorised online, this may marginally increase the time taken to accept a contactless payment. It is important that you wait for the authorisation message to display rather than relying on the beep. The beep does not signal full authorisation of the transaction and only signifies that the card has successfully transmitted the data. You should wait for a successful authorisation message to appear before releasing any goods. Failure to do so could mean that you lose money should the transaction be declined and the customer has already left your premises.

Who is affected?

These changes will affect all merchants with the exception of charitable and social service organisations and unattended terminals in certain categories within the travel sector such as tolls, parking, and bus and rail fares including underground systems. The floor limit for all other merchant categories will be reduced to zero which means that all Visa contactless transactions will now require authorising.

What do I need to do?

To prepare for this change your point of sale equipment will be automatically updated by your terminal vendor sometime between now and the 14th October 2017. Once the terminal has been updated your terminal will then contact the card issuer for an authorisation.

What do we mean by ‘zero floor limit’?

A floor limit refers to the maximum amount that a merchant can process a transaction without seeking authorisation from the Card Issuer. A zero floor limit means that all contactless transactions will require authorisation.

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