Cybersecurity and fraud: how to keep your data safe

Merchants and other businesses collect a lot of data which can be valuable to hackers, such as employee bank accounts and customer email addresses, and cyberattacks are common, affecting 45% of all small businesses in 2016-171.

But keeping data safe is easier than many merchants might think. Find out more in our short animation, video, and report below.

Our 1 minute animation introduces the risks, and how you can start mitigating them.

Watch: expert insights for merchants

In the short video below, Cate Pye, Associate Partner, UK and Ireland, Security and Government Cyber at EY and Claire Robinson from Customer Relationship Management and Data Security company Prior Analytics give their insights on:

  • The most common cybersecurity threats
  • The measures all businesses can take to counter them
  • The key legal requirements you need to know about

Short report: Cybersecurity and fraud: protecting your business

For more detailed insights, download our short report ‘Cybersecurity and Fraud: Protecting Your Business’. Highlights include:

  • The legal basics every business should know
  • How to understand your data and its value – to hackers as well as to you
  • How to adopt good data practices throughout your business

Download the report (PDF, 872KB)

Cybersecurity will be increasingly important in the years ahead. Our guide will help you to keep your business safe from cyberattacks.

We hope you find these insights useful.

Source: Government Cybersecurity Breaches Survey 2017

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