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Cyber fraud: Lessons learned from 2018

The more you understand cyber threats, the better prepared you can be to stop them.

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Cybersecurity and fraud: how to keep your data safe

Merchants and other businesses collect a lot of data which can be valuable to hackers, such as employee bank accounts and customer email addresses, and cyberattacks are common, affecting 45% of all small businesses in 2016/17.

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Cybersecurity: A hacker’s advice on protection from payment fraud

Our latest webinar looks at the growing threat of cybercrime and is intended to help you understand what steps your business can take to protect itself. In this webinar we hear from leading figures in UK cybersecurity who provide unrivalled insight to help you understand the mindset of a hacker.

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Online card fraud: balancing convenience and security

The opportunities to do business online continue to grow, but card fraud remains a concern. Phil Thomas, Senior Manager, Lloyds Bank Cardnet, explains how business owners can protect themselves without compromising ease of use for their customers – and how Lloyds Bank Cardnet can help.

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Staying one step ahead

According to figures from the UK Card Association, remote purchase fraud using debit and credit cards reached £174.5m in the first half of 2014, a year on year increase of 23%. So what do merchants need to be aware of and how can they and the card payments industry guard against online fraud? We speak to Steven Bisoffi, Head of Card Schemes, Lloyds Bank Commercial Card & Acquiring Solutions to find out more.

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European Central Bank working to reduce online payment fraud

Hoping to the growth of online payment fraud across Europe, the European Central Bank ( ECB ) has devised new rules for payment service providers. Find out how these stricter regulations will help protect online shoppers from fraud.

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Merchant refund scam

The Card Payments Industry has become aware of scams where merchants are being targeted by fraudsters who are impersonating merchant acquiring banks, card machine vendors and engineers in order to perpetrate fraud.

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PCI DSS Compliance Management Service – updated website now live

We are pleased to announce that a new and improved version of our PCI DSS Compliance Management Service is now live. The website portal has been upgraded to reflect changes made by the governing body, the PCI Security Standards Council. We have also listened to your feedback and have taken this opportunity to enhance our service further.

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