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AI and the future of fraud prevention

Merchants have always faced a challenge in detecting and preventing fraud. But with the growth of e-commerce and other new ways to pay, fraud is more complex than ever. Now, retailers are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help them fight back.

Find out more in our videos and short report below.

Watch: expert insights for merchants

In the short video below, James Loft, Chief Operating Officer at Rainbird, an AI platform that uses ‘cognitive reasoning’, and Jay Low, Lead Data Scientist – Digital Fraud Transformation, Lloyds Banking Group, give their insights and advice on:

  • How fraud is changing in the digital age
  • How AI can help businesses stop fraud
  • Whether AI could ever be a silver bullet against fraud

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

AI is a hot topic and throws up numerous buzzwords. Our infographic will help you understand key terms from Deep Learning to Natural Language Processing.

Artificial Intelligence supports merchants. Artificial intelligence.

To see how AI can support merchants, please click here

Short report: Fighting fraud in the age of AI

For more detailed insights, download our short report ‘Fighting fraud in the age of AI’. Highlights include:

  • How AI holds the key to cutting costly false alarms over fraud
  • Understanding hybrid solutions that retain a human element
  • Q&A with Úna Dillon, Managing Director, Merchant Risk Council Europe

Download the report

AI will play a crucial role as the battle against fraud evolves. We hope this content helps you understand how it could help your business achieve its future ambitions.

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