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Innovation in payments: new opportunities for your business

The growing range of possible payment methods is affecting businesses of all sizes. Customers want a choice of quick and convenient ways to pay.

But the pace of change and the variety of solutions can both seem overwhelming. Improving your understanding of innovations in payments could open up new opportunities for your business.

Watch: expert insights

Learn more about how technology is transforming how we buy things in this video. Ruth Milligan, of techUK, and Lloyds Bank Cardnet’s Robert Morgan discuss how innovation in payment tech will benefit retailers and consumers, its impact on data protection and the possibility of a cashless society.

Tackling till time

From biometrics to mobile apps, a host of payment options could benefit both retailers and customers by cutting queues. Watch our 60-second video to learn more about how technology is set to shake up every day shopping experiences.

Solutions for small businesses

While cash was still the UK’s most popular way to pay in 2016, forecasts suggest this will soon change. Watch this 60-second video to learn when debit cards are set to overtake cash and why small businesses no longer have to fear this shift.

Short report on innovation in payments

For more detailed insights on our video topics, download our short report on innovation and technology in payments. Highlights include:

  • The potential of biometrics and wearables
  • Tips on using omnichannel to strengthen sales
  • The mobile app used by nearly 65% of Danes
  • How new point-of-sale systems benefit SMEs

Download the report

Technology has the potential to make payments easier for businesses, as well as customers. We will help you understand how your business could benefit from the evolution of payments.

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