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Manual banking

If you are unable to complete your transaction electronically you can still process the payment via manual transaction. Follow the steps below for manual banking.

01.Required documents

To process a transaction manually you'll need to fill out a manual-banking voucher. Manual-banking vouchers must contain the following information:

  • Full Merchant ID
  • Record the transaction amount
  • The full card number
  • Card expiry date
  • Card 3 digit security code
  • Your authorisation number

You can obtain your authorisation number from the authorisation centre – 01268 822822 for Card Present transactions and 01268 278278 for Card Not Present transactions.

If you don't have any manual-banking vouchers you'll need to order some in. See stationery queries for more information.

02.Post your voucher

Once filled you'll need to send the manual-banking voucher to:

Lloyds Bank Cardnet
PO Box 22
S98 1BG

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