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Change of bank

You can change your bank details by following the steps below. Your details will be updated approximately 14 days after we have received all the required information.

  • To help us process your change of bank details, please print and complete the following forms. You can download these forms by selecting the links below.

    If you trade in multiple currencies, please complete the multi-currency mandate Form

    Multi-currency Direct Debit Mandate form (PDF, 537KB)

    If you trade in UK sterling only, please complete the Sterling mandate Form

    Sterling Direct Debit Mandate form (PDF, 547KB)

    Please ensure you also print and complete the Additional Information form and return it along with the completed Direct Debit Mandate form.

    Additional information form (DOC, 43KB)

  • Along with the completed forms you'll also need to prepare:

    • A letter requesting the change of bank details, written on company headed paper and signed by a director, proprietor, partner or owner of the business. This letter must clearly state:
      • The existing account number and sort code
      • The new account number and sort code
      • Any instruction to split funding
      • Whether you are an Omnipay merchant i.e. you trade in a foreign currency
    • A void cheque for the new business bank account (if non Lloyds) or GIRO slip or an original copy of a letter from the branch with confirmation of the sort code and account number.

    If the legal entity or the people named on the bank account have changed then you'll need to request a Change in Legal Entity. If the type of business has changed then your request will be processed as a new account.

  • When you have all the required documentation and you've completed your Direct Debit Mandate and your Additional Information form, send everything to:

    When you have all the required documents ready, send everything to:

    Lloyds Cardnet
    Janus House
    Endeavour Drive
    SS14 3WF

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