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Customer Hub

Welcome to the Cardnet Customer Hub and thank you for choosing Lloyds Bank Cardnet as your card acceptance provider. Here is where you will find all the details you need to get you started accepting card payments. We have included key information below on how to set-up your terminal, how to get started, and how to become compliant. There is also information on additional products and how to order consumables. If you cannot find what you are looking for please review the Help and Support section above or Contact Us directly on the numbers provided below.

We would encourage you to visit our website for all service issues to receive the support you might need to manage your business efficiently. We also publish important announcements should we need to communicate with you quickly, so it’s worth checking in regularly.

Important Information

Below is a copy of our terms and conditions and operating manual. We have also included a useful guide to help you understand your Cardnet statement and a form for when you might need to recover a card from a customer.

Lloyds Bank Cardnet Terms and Conditions

Operating manual

Card Recovery form

Cardnet Statement Guide


Once you receive your card machine you can be up and running in minutes. These guides will explain your connection options and how to set up your machine.

Card Machine Set-Up

Card Machine User Guide


Analyse your payment processing with an easy-to-use suite of online reporting tools, gaining greater insight to quickly and effectively manage your electronic transactions along with viewing your monthly statements.

Business track user guide

Clientline user guide

Clientline viewing your charges

How to view your Merchant Service Charge (total cost per transaction) and Interchange Fee at transactional level:

  1. Clientline breakdown of merchant service charge
  2. RAM breakdown of merchant service charge

Log into the portal
Please go to


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) are a set of mandatory security requirements designed to ensure merchants process, transmit and store cardholder data securely. Complying with PCI DSS is mandatory. Information below will assist you in becoming compliant and the process to be followed.

How to renew PCI DSS ComplianceHow to renew PCI DSS compliance


PCI DSS Short Report

Log into the portal
Please go to

PayPoint Customers

If you are a PayPoint retailer please find specific information below to service your needs

For information or to register your Interest with PayPoint, to include your card transactions within the PayPoint NET Settlement offering, please click on the PayPoint NET Settlement link.

Consumables and Additional Products

If you've chosen any of our additional products you'll find support information below, including how to order consumables for example stickers / till rolls etc.

Multi Currency
Amex Online Payments Clover Mobile Solutions Consumables


Get answers to the most commonly asked questions - from managing Chargebacks to accessing the ClientLine reporting tool.

Read our FAQs

How to guides

Our step-by-step video and PDF guides walk you through setting up your card machine, using the PCI DSS online portal and accessing your online reporting tools.

View our guides

Key Contacts

Access information and contact details for everyone you need to contact for any query or assistance.

View key contacts