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Efficiency blooms for GardenSite thanks to Lloyds Bank Cardnet

Cardnet's relationship-based card solutions have seen its association with GardenSite flourish over a number of years, with the use of technology to make complex processes more straightforward, proving a particular hit.

Independent, family-run garden supply business, GardenSite, has been trading for over 60 years. As well as a showroom in the West Midlands, GardenSite’s core business is online, reaching customers across the country and delivering on both pricing and customer service.

Delivering secure payments to customers

Of particular importance to GardenSite’s online business, is its ability to accept card payments and provide secure and efficient payment services to its customer base.

"Over the last 18 years, the website has grown at a substantial rate and many improvements have been made. These include SSL secure browsing technology, mobile-friendly viewing and a consumer friendly user design," says David Coton, Partner at GardenSite.

In an increasingly competitive market, margins were being squeezed and cardholder not present (CNP) transaction rates were rising. So, in 2012 GardenSite approached the Cardnet team.

Significant cost savings

"We had several face to face meetings and regular contact with Cardnet to discuss our requirements," explains David. "That was particularly important to myself and the business, and knowing that we were dealing with real people gave us confidence in the proposal presented."

As a result of those meetings, GardenSite moved over to Interchange Plus rates with Cardnet. "This saved the business thousands on card processing fees. We also benefited from real time rate changes without requiring further reviews leading to immediate further savings when rates change," says David.

Building close relationships

Juhel Ahmed, Relationship Manager, says that the relationship aspect of the Cardnet solution is important. “For our customers, like David, knowing that we’re only ever at the end of the phone is reassuring. Regular contact means that we can keep close to the business’ needs and discuss innovations in the payment space that may help GardenSite in the future, but it also helps when issues such as the Visa outage that occurred last year happen.

"For an online business, that type of issue is a huge headache. Being in constant touch with David and providing regular updates over the weekend provided the support the business needed."

Supporting PCI compliance

With a high level of focus on customer security, including data protection, GardenSite was keen to adopt the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, the gold-standard of security compliance, when it was introduced to the industry.

"PCI was new to the industry back then and rather challenging at first to understand. Cardnet had developed a PCI portal that is brilliant and guided us through each stage with an easy to use online scanning system. It also has a helpful step-by-step questionnaire system making the process very easy and reassuring," says David.

"We work with outsourced specialists to ensure we maintain full PCI compliance," he continues. "This is all managed by the Cardnet’s PCI portal to ensure our business remains compliant at all times."

Easy to use solution to PCI reporting

Juhel agrees that the PCI portal is proving a hit with customers: "PCI compliance is one of those admin tasks that has to be done, but which no-one enjoys doing. Our PCI portal has streamlined the process through an easy-to-navigate solution backed by a dedicated support desk."

From both a solution and a relationship perspective, the partnership between GardenSite and Cardnet works well, as David says: "I have always enjoyed working closely with the team at Cardnet. They manage all our card payments efficiently, allowing customers to easily transact with our business but fundamentally providing assistance with managing our PCI compliance so that our customers remain safe and secure at all times while shopping with us."