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Showing our merchant that we care, because we do

"The journey that brought us to Lloyds Bank Cardnet was a bumpy one," recalls Alexander Moore, Managing Director of Rosa's Thai Café.

Having started a successful restaurant business with his wife in 2008, Alexander spent several years moving through three different card payment providers before joining us. He explains, "It was very difficult to find somebody who we could work with on a on-going basis, a Relationship Manager that understood our business and would provide us the kind of service and support that we needed."

To us, that didn't seem too much to ask. Lloyds Bank Cardnet were able to resolve Alexander's past issues and we are now working with the business to provide support as it grows and expands to more locations.

Easy to switch: "They cared."

From the face-to-face initial discussions to the after sales help desk support, Alexander says a key element of the switch process was feeling that "They cared."

How Lloyds Bank Cardnet compares

After several years with three other providers, Alexander describes the switch to Lloyds Bank Cardnet as "a refreshing experience."

Choosing card machines

Once he chose the right type of device for his business, Alexander was able to set up card machines at four different locations by himself: "If I can figure it out, anyone can," he says.

Growing my business

Alexander talks about his confidence in Lloyds Bank Cardnet to support him as he continues to grow the business.

About Rosa's Thai Cafe

Rosa's Thai Cafe were started by Alexander and his wife five years ago. The business has grown to four locations with plans to open others in the near future.